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What is javascript beautifier?

JavaScript beautifier/javascript editor is an online tool to beautify js, de-obfuscate javaScript, HTML or JSON/JSONP into a readable javascript format. Just paste your compressed, minified or obfuscated javascript code and get a clean and well-formatted, human readable output format. The JavaScript beautifier formats JavaScript source code to make it easier to read and understand. Several names have come up for this utility tool and is popularly referred as javascript editor, js beautifier, javascript beautifer, javascript formatter, javascript obfuscator, javascript minifier, and some more.

What does the tool do?

Js beautifier/javascript formatter lets you beautify and format your JavaScript code with no side effects to your javascript code. Using the javascript editor, this tool javaScript beautifier helps you tidy, optimize and format your Js code from ugly formats, minified or obfuscated javascript code and makes it readable and structured

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language for HTML and the internet - the world wide web. Learning javaScript is fun and easy. JavaScript is basically from Netscape. It is an interpreted programming and scripting language. Scripting languages are more easy and faster to code and execute than other structured and compiled languages such as C or C++. JavaScript is cross-platform and is also an object-oriented scripting language. It has the advantage for being a small and lightweight scripting language, which is most commonly used in web programming, allowing client-side script to interact with the user to provide a dynamic behavior for the html components. In computing, JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language. It has been standardized in the ECMAScript language.

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